Cattle and Sheep Breeders

We are a small, purpose built Cattle and Sheep Breeders, In south African territory of Johannesburg

We are a Member of the Damara Sheep Breeders Society of South Africa. 
Our focus is in maintaining a flock of Purebred Damara Sheep, with as diverse gene pool as possible. We are here to supply others purebred rams and ewes for breeding purposes in commercial and small acreage situations. We can also supply semen for export.
We also supply sheep and Cattle for consumption on a regular basis. Our offers and partnerships, and deals are ideal for just any consumer. We sheep offers as low as 1 sheep or as many a thousands depending on the initial agreement and your location.
Our wethers are ideal as “Lawnmowers” for small acreage enthusiasts who are uninterested in breeding sheep but want something easy care to maintain pasture.
All Sheep purchased from us include a Pedigree with Name and Tag Number for each individual animal. The letter starting each sheep’s name usually indicates which ewe line the sheep has been born into. Rams are changed through our flock every six to 12 months.
We run a closed flock and have only introduced rams from two other Damara Studs in the last 5 years. The first of these ram introductions was in purchasing the last frozen embryo rams brought from  Sherana Stud Queensland in 2013 and 2 rams from Jarrara Stud Victoria in 2018. We now have enough genetics for a number of years without the need to introduce any more new bloodlines.
All our sheep are OJD Vaccinates
All of our sheep are Registered or are Registrable with the Damara Sheep Breeders Society of South Africa.
We are in the process of exporting Damara semen and embryos to Wales, United Kingdom. Damara semen also to New Zealand and possibly the United States. These projects will be completed before the end of 2019.

Johannesburg gauteng South Africa
Telephone: 0027638863990


2092  Johannesburg gauteng